San Francisco 2009
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Be Kind, Be Soft. . .Don't Be Rude (F-5)
Capsulorhexis Complication Management Made Easy (F-12)
Case of Early Fluid Misdirection (F-11)
Endocapsular Devices for Complicated Cataract Cases (F-14)
Good Devices, Bad Entangle (F-18)
Healon5 in the Management of Intraoperative Expulsive Hemorrhage (F-21)
Intraocular Lens-Related Complications (F-6)
On Final Approach to the Posterior Capsule: Professional Pilot or Street Racer? (F-20)
Phaco Bloopers (F-22)
Reconstructing a Masterpiece: Iris and Pupil Repairs (F-2)
Rewind: In Reverse (F-1)
Saluting the Flag Sign (F-13)
Scleral Fixation Finger-Crafted Technique After 500 Cases (F-4)
Sectorial Zonular Fragility Leading to Capsule Instability in the Long-Term (F-9)
The Broken Capsule (F-16)
The Last Samurai Ophthalmologist (F-7)
The Savior (F-17)
The Underside (F-15)
Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome: Why Not an Early Washout? (F-10)
WITHDRAWN: Pupillary Block Syndrome During Pediatric Cataract Extraction (F-3)
WITHDRAWN: Save the Haptic (F-8)
Warning: You Have the Hydro-Cannula Gun (F-19)