San Francisco 2009
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F-107: Why Not Prechop?
F-108: KITARO - Dry Lab
F-109: Pursuing the Mysteries of Ectasia After Refractive Surgery
F-110: Capsular Tension Ring and Premium IOLs: Necessity or Luxury?
F-111: Human Nucleus in Goats Eye: Innovative Training Module for Easier Learning of Nucleus Management in Wet Lab Phacoemulsification
F-112: AlphaCor Keratoprosthesis Implantation
F-113: Coroneo Effect: A Bright Idea
F-114: Revisiting Needling for Failed Blebs
F-115: Fluidics Management in MICS
F-116: Road to Phaco Mastery II: Surgical Media Center
F-117: Triumph the Triamcinolone Way in Pediatric Cataract Surgery
F-118: No Stress and Perfect Balance in Transition to B-MICS
F-119: Correct Method of Ciliary Sulcus Fixation of Intraocular Lens
F-120: I Want My Cataract Back!
F-121: Mission Impossible: Phaco and Dense Corneal Opacity
F-122: Training to Tackle Glaucoma in Developing World: Shaolin Temple Approach
F-123: Room with a View