San Francisco 2009
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Capturing the Flow in PEA (F-80)
Customization of Intraocular Lens Asphericity: Is It Worth It? (F-77)
Hema Life Boat for Stabilizing the Nucleus and Fragments in a Capsule Break or Subluxation for Safe Phacoemulsification (F-76)
I Did It My Way (F-68)
Implantation of the KeraKlear Foldable Artificial Cornea (F-79)
Intraoperative Problems and Complications During Early Experience with the Malyugin Pupil Expander Ring (F-73)
New Device for Storage and Injection of Endothelial Keratoplasty Grafts (F-70)
Phaco System in Your Pocket (F-71)
Phacoemulsification Made Easy in Eyes with Corneal Opacity Using Illuminated Chopper (F-81)
Plus One, Make Your Surgery with OZil Perfect (F-75)
Small Is Beautiful, Usually: Designing Instruments for a 1.8 mm Phaco Incision (F-78)
Staying in the Eye, DisCoVisc: A Viscous Dispersive OVD for Cataract Surgery (F-72)
Synchrony Dual-Optic Accommodating IOL: Surgical Technique (F-74)
WITHDRAWN: Big Bubble, No Trouble (F-69)
WITHDRAWN: The Immobilizer: Akinesia During Topical Anesthesia (F-67)