San Francisco 2009
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Film Winners

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Grand Prize
F-144: Influence of Refractive Surgery on the Human Visual Cortex
Shiba, Takuya
Winner - Cataract Complications
F-14: Endocapsular Devices for Complicated Cataract Cases
Mamalis, Nick
Runner Up - Cataract Complications
F-120: I Want My Cataract Back!
Trindade, Fernando
Winner - Cataract/Implant Surgery
F-23: What Can We Learn from Vitreo-retinal Observations in Eye with a Multifocal IOL?
Bissen-Miyajima, Hiroko
Runner Up - Cataract/Implant Surgery
F-42: Out with the Old, In with the New: Iris-Claw IOL
Tam, Diamond
Winner - Glaucoma Surgery
F-114: Revisiting Needling for Failed Blebs
Lam, Dennis
Runner Up - Glaucoma Surgery
F-43: Novel Technique for Simplified Intraoperative Goniosynechiolysis
Lesser, G. Robert
Winner - In-House Productions
F-54: Simon Says...the Game of Ophthalmology Versus Medicare
Hosner, Joseph
Runner Up - In-House Productions
F-52: CO2 Laser in Ptosis and Eyelid Surgery
Fukasaku, Hideharu
Winner - Instruments & Devices / IOLs
F-68: I Did It My Way
Donato, Lucas
Runner Up - Instruments & Devices / IOLs
F-80: Capturing the Flow in PEA
Shimowake, Takahiro
Winner - New Producer
F-82: De-seed the Nucleus and Enjoy the Fruit: Phaco Chop with a Difference
Balakrishnan, Nitin
Runner Up - New Producer
F-84: Ciliary Sulcus Fixation of IOL Through Smaller Incision
Kondo, Yoshiyuki
Winner - New Techniques
F-140: Presbyopic LASIK by Micromonovision Using Increased Depth of Field from Nonlinear Aspheric Ablation Profiles
Reinstein, Dan
Runner Up - New Techniques
F-105: Picture Perfect: Software Solutions for the Path to Precision
Shah, Gauri
Winner - Quality Teaching
F-22: Phaco Bloopers
Yeoh, Ronald
Runner Up - Quality Teaching
F-142: Technique of DSAEK
Schmickler, Stefanie
Winner - Refractive / Cornea Surgery
F-70: New Device for Storage and Injection of Endothelial Keratoplasty Grafts
Kim, Myoung Joon
Runner Up - Refractive / Cornea Surgery
F-146: Heroes: Save the Endothelium!
Tan, Donald TH
Winner - Special Interest
F-148: Subconjunctival Biochip for Photometric Blood Glucose Measurement
Auffarth, Gerd
Runner Up - Special Interest
F-154: Neuroplasticity: Key to Vision Recovery
Lyra, Joćo Marcelo