San Francisco 2009
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AcrySof Toric Surprise (F-66)
Are you Ready for Capsulorhexis? (F-64)
Bread and Butter Baerveldt (F-49)
CO2 Laser in Ptosis and Eyelid Surgery (F-52)
Complications of Pupil Expansion Rings and Iris Hooks (F-55)
Expanded View of the Challenge of Small Pupils (F-50)
In God We Trust (F-60)
Lens Injection Made Easi(er) (F-65)
Management of Mature Uveitic Cataract with Anterior Capsule Fibrosis (F-61)
Neuroadaptation: Seeing Through the Years (F-59)
Nucleus Management Sans Rotation (F-47)
Phaco Chop Sleight of Hand (F-57)
Pseudophakic (Verisyse) Iridoplegia Resolved by Tobacco Stitch (F-62)
Recent Surgical Misadventures (F-51)
Scleral Fixation Techniques (F-63)
Sensar Hydrophobic Acrylic Posterior Chamber IOLs in Compromised Eyes (F-56)
Simon Says...the Game of Ophthalmology Versus Medicare (F-54)
The Black Gemstone (F-48)
WITHDRAWN: Removal of DSAEK Lenticule Adherent to Retina with Repeat Endothelial Keratoplasty (F-46)
WITHDRAWN: VisuMax Femtosecond Laser: Easy and Unusual Cases (F-53)
When Cataract Follows Early-Onset Developmental Glaucoma (F-58)