San Francisco 2009
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F-23: What Can We Learn from Vitreo-retinal Observations in Eye with a Multifocal IOL?
F-24: Evolution of Custom-Made Toric and Multifocal Toric MICS IOL: Alternative to LASIK or Bioptic Procedures in High Astigmatism
F-25: Anterior-Assisted Levitation
F-26: Phacoemulsification in Previously Vitrectomized Eye
F-27: From Biphakia to Pseudophakia
F-28: Evolution of Surgical Manipulation Through Microincision
F-29: Comparing Dilation Regimens: Intracameral Versus Topical
F-30: Phacoemulsification in Extreme Zonular Weakness
F-31: Miniflared: Many Tips
F-32: Posterior-Optic Buttonholing: Surgical Technique
F-33: Rescue from the Axis of Evil: Digital Axis Marker for Toric IOLs
F-34: Intracapsular and Extracapsular Cataract Surgery 1975
F-35: Secondary Implant in Children After Microincisional Vitrectomy for a Total Retinal Detachment
F-36: WITHDRAWN: Are Transsclerally Fixated IOLs Secure During Cataract Surgery?
F-37: Do Not Trust in Gravity Force: Instructions for the Creation of Internal Forced Infusion
F-38: Toric Multifocal IOL: Most Complete Phaco Refractive Surgery
F-39: Bimanual Viscoless Implantation of MICS IOLs
F-40: Phacoemulsification Through AlphaCor: New Frontiers
F-41: Combined Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery: Safe and Simple
F-42: Out with the Old, In with the New: Iris-Claw IOL